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Description of Zeo Mineral (Pain Relief) Cream - OUT OF STOCK DO NOT ORDER

OUT OF STOCK DO NOT ORDER. FAST PAIN-RELIEF! Rich botanical cream with amazing zeolite minerals; promotes fast pain relief and detox for joints, skin and more. No toxins!

Zeo Mineral Cream is a botanical formula featuring zeolite minerals for superb mineral support and tissue penetration -- truly a breakthrough in natural pain relief. This cream's fast-acting, superior absorption is excellent for use on sore muscles, joints, and areas that are healing from trauma. How do the unique zeolite minerals work? First, the power of zeolite minerals can help rapidly detoxify many chemicals and toxins in your body, by way of your skin. Secondly, zeolite minerals can help to strengthen the integrity of your skin’s network system and help open blocked energetic pathways. This can mean fast pain relief.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is an extraordinary form of colloidal silicate mineral with a complex, naturally occurring geometric pyramidal molecular arrangement with an internal electron filter-like sieve. Due to this unique design, worldwide research has shown that zeolite minerals have maximum cation exchange capacity (C.E.C.) -- more than any other known substance on earth.

Maximum C.E.C. means that the minerals can help quickly and efficiently neutralize many toxic and even deadly substances-- such as heavy metals, environmental pollutants, toxic chemicals and even radiation. In fact, its ability to neutralize deadly radioactive particles was one reason zeolite became so famous and highly sought after.

One study estimated that zeolite minerals, simply spread over ground contaminated with deadly radioactive fall-out, could enable the area to be reinhabited and produce normal crops again within 6 months (an area that would have been deemed uninhabitable for centuries to come).


No Need For Toxic Preservatives
To suspend and preserve the cream's superior nutrients, the 100% toxic-free cream base is made from carefully emulsified oils which have been energy-accelerated to maximum electron spin (ECOPS). This unique proprietary process completely eliminates the need for toxic preservatives as found in almost all skin creams. There are no questionable ingredients such as propylene glycol, methylparaben or Peg-8 stearate in Zeo Mineral Cream.

Ingredients in Zeo Mineral (Pain Relief) Cream - OUT OF STOCK DO NOT ORDER

Nano-Pure™ [Purified water/aqua, Zea Mays Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Carrot Root Extract, Guar Gum, Onion Extract, Orange Peel Extract] Prunus arm. (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Corylus Ave. (Hazelnut) Oil, Vitis Vin. (Grape) Seed Extract, Equisetum Arv. (Horsetail) Aerial Extract, Zeolite Bio-phosphate Colloidal Minerals, Rosa Spp. (Rose) Petal Oil 

Massage a small amount of cream 1 to 3 times daily into stiff or painful joints, sore muscles due to exercise, or areas that are healing from a trauma such as a bruise, whiplash, old cuts, and scars.

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