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XenoStat (Iodine) - 90 Vcaps by
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Description of XenoStat (Iodine) - 90 Vcaps

High Natural Iodine Content
Natural iodine content per capsule....... 297 mcg
Xeno-estrogen detoxification support formula. Promotes healthy hormone balance, thyroid function and fat metabolism.

Often used during menopause (although good for both men and woman of any age) to supply natural-source estrogen and to eliminate xeno-estrogens from the hormone receptor sites. Detoxifies potentially carcinogenic 16-hydroxyesterone and produces the benificial protective antioxidant form 2-hydroxyestrone. Often used post-HRT Therapy or after other toxic drug exposures*. 

Benefits of Natural Iodine

  • Supports Immunity
  • Supports Natural Detoxification
  • Supports Thyroid Function
  • Supports Cellular Metabolism
  • Supports Optimal Hormonal Function
  • Nourishes the Heart and Circulatory System
  • Supports Memory, Energy, Mood, and Weight - excellent fat metabolism support
  • Iodine may provide immune support for optimal breast health, as the breast tissue concentrates more iodine than even the thyroid

Xeno-Detox is engineered to support the body’s ability to achieve healthy hormonal function, especially
regarding the reproductive organs. Its unique feature is its ability to rapidly detoxify xeno-estrogenic compounds in bothe men and woman,
such as pesticides and synthetic hormones found in commercial meat, poultry, dairy and synthetic
hormone replacement therapy.

One of the major components of Xeno-Detox is live-source iodine, which dramatically outperforms non-live sources.
In fact, no amount of non-live source iodine can compare to the effects of live-source iodine compounds, especially when combined with
key synergists, cofactors and essential transporters. This quantum-state combination rapidly restores cell
resonance to those that are in greatest need.

The latest research highlights the fact that some natural progesterone hormone creams may appear not to work at times, when in fact the real problem is that a blockade of hormone receptor sites in the body have been significantly compromised due to xenoestrogenic
compounds, especially at the thyroid. Livesource iodine can effectively and rapidly detoxify these
xeno-estrogenic compounds. Then, the full beneficial effects of the progesterone cream can be attained.

In just the past year, we have had a number of women complain about not receiving the significant benefits ascribed
to natural progesterone cream therapy. However, when natural-source iodine was administered, allowing
badly needed xeno-estrogen detoxification, not only was their thyroid function boosted, but simultaneously their
progesterone utilization skyrocketed. Then, the benefits of natural progesterone were fully bioavailable.
In addition, the pristine-harvested sea vegetation in this formula is extraordinarily high in trace elements,
including exotic elements such as iridium and rhodium, which are known to activate subtle energy systems of
the body critical to quantum-state bioenergetics.

Ingredients in XenoStat (Iodine) - 90 Vcaps

XenoStat Formula Update:
This excellent detox formula has been updated to include: organic chlorella, wild reishi (fruiting body), milk thistle seed and two additional sea vegetation sources: purple dulse and sea lettuce. This item has been removed: broccoli.

530 mg/capsule; 90 caps/bottle
Proprietary, Quantum-State, Premier Quality Blend:
Unheated, North Atlantic Dulse (whole) (Palmaria palmata), Unheated
Canadian Maritime Sea Lettuce (whole) (Ulva lactuca), Unheated
Pacific Kelp (whole) (Laminaria dig.), Wild, Unheated, North
Atlantic, Unirradiated Sea Wrack (Ascophyllum nod.), Unheated
South American Bladder Wrack (whole) (Fucus ves.), Irish Moss
(Chondrus crisp.), South American Asparagus (shoot) (Asparagus
off.), Chinese Fo Ti Tieng (root)
(Polygonum multiflora), Ayurvedically grown, Indian Noni (fruit,
seed) (Morinda citrifolia)
Oranic Chlorella (whole broken cell wall)
Wild Reishi (fruiting body)

Adults or children (age 4 and up): Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily, for 1 to 3 months for thorough xeno-estrogenic detoxification. One capsule may be taken daily for long term use or indefinitely as an ideal source of live iodine, trace minerals and continued xeno-detoxification.
This product is particularly safe in comparison to synthetic-source iodine (which can cause toxic reactions).




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