Revitalizing Shower Filter (SFU) (SF2003)

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Revitalizing Shower Filter (SFU) by
PH Pure Health


Description of Revitalizing Shower Filter (SFU)

Enjoy the purity and energies of nature with every bath and shower! The only shower filter that includes the exclusive Flexoelectric E crystal technology!!!

ENERGIZE, REVITALIZE AND PAMPER YOUR BODY every time you shower or bathe. Don't be surprised if you start looking forward to every shower. This shower filter gives you the best filtering available and then goes so much further to enhance the water so that every shower becomes a soothing, revitalizing and therapeutic experience. You will come out of each shower feeling rejuvenated, energized and refreshed.

SIX TECHNOLOGIES combining stronger far infrared media, magnetics, proprietary ceramics, and flexoelectric E Technology are sequenced with carbons and KDF for chlorine and metal reduction, providing up to 15 months of superior bathing and showering per cartridge.

SAY GOOD BYE TO DRY ITCHY SKIN and those unsightly large skin pores. People with many different skin problems have experienced significant improvement of their condition using the pH Pure Revitalizing Shower. Hair is immediately fuller and noticeably softer. Lines around the eyes soften or even disappear. Based on feedback from customers.

OBTAIN MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. Significantly reduce the aggravation of chlorine, dangerous chlorine by-products, and chemicals on already sensitive skin. Keep in mind that you absorb up to 600% more contaminants through your skin in a 10 minute shower than you would from your daily intake of drinking water.

MORE AFFORDABLE than other combination media filters, it still offers the top performance, revitalization and energies, at a cost all families can now afford, even when multiple filters are needed.


  • Magnetizing, polarizing, micro clustering and far infrared media enhances your water
  • Removes chlorine and significantly reduces chemicals, metals (i.e. lead), radon and common water contaminants that are potentially a serious health risk
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors from your water and protects your lungs from breathing in toxic vapor
  • Mild antioxidant nature helps treat certain dermatologic conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • Reduces skin dryness, flakiness and rashes. Essential for healthy skin and hair.
  • New design requires NO BACK WASHING and allows a strong water flow.
  • Simple to replace filter cartridge
  • Easy to install

The benefits of these new water treatment dynamics can be quickly felt by the entire family. Your hair and skin will be softer within days, guaranteed! Twice the filtering media of some more expensive shower filters.


The Revitalizing Shower Filter allows you to use the excellent massage head supplied, or to use an alternate head or shower wand of your choice.


Without losing the height of your shower head. Low shower ceilings pose no challenge to the attractive design of the Revitalizing Shower Filter. The neutral color and style goes with all decors and tastes. (It should still be noted that superior performance and protection are our first criteria, aesthetics is second.)


Very easy to replace every 12-15 months on average. A prorated replacement guarantee is provided with each filter, as well as a money back guarantee.


Pro-rated ONE year guarantee on each replacement cartridge. If your shower filter stops working within ONE year we will pro rate the purchase of your replacement cartridge.


Remove the shower head and place the filter & head in a water proof bag for travel. Take a little pair of 6" channel lock pliers. (The pliers are to get the shower heads off the hotel pipes. These heads are usually corroded by the water that is considered perfectly O.K. for your skin and hair!)


Simply install and forget for many, many months of healthy, energizing and refreshing showers.