Propolis Lozenges - 8.8 oz (4713)

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Propolis Lozenges - 8.8 oz by
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Description of Propolis Lozenges - 8.8 oz

Natural Resin Lozenges

European Lozenges for Soothing Throat, Mouth & Immune Support

Our lozenges are deliciously sweet and are made from propolis (50 mg per lozenge), a natural resin collected by honey bees from buds and trees.  Propolis has been used for centuries in many countries for its special properties.

Our European propolis is free of pesticides and heavy metal residues, an unparalleled purity in the industry, and is naturally sweetened with raw Barbados cane sugar.  Enjoy daily as a delicious treat or as an afternoon pick-me-up!  Not recommended for those with an allergy to tree resin.

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