pH Plus Liquid Enhancer 2 fl oz (PHPLUS)

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Description of pH Plus Liquid Enhancer 2 fl oz

pH Plus Liquid Enhancer (Alkalizer)

Research is showing that most degenerative health conditions respond favorably to better hydration and a healthy internal alkaline environment. Joint pains, bone loss, headaches, lack of energy, tenderness, cravings, and candida all require an acid, dehydrated environment to perpetuate their torment.

pH Plus Liquid Enhancer may be the most affordable, yet powerful and effective way to help your body alkalize & hydrate. Its hydrogen and electron availability makes it great for improved stamina and performance! As a rich electron donor it helps neutralize free radical activity and has a pH above 13, with absolutely no irritation to the skin.

pH Plus Liquid Enhancer is also a super hydrator, meaning it helps the water to "cluster," becoming "wetter" with a lowered surface tension and hydrating the body at the cellular level more efficiently. All body functions, including nutrient utilization, are enhanced with better hydration. Adequate hydration is especially important in effective weight loss protocols.

This modified sodium silicate product provides silica and sodium that the body can use to restore bone and connective tissue. Its concentration allows just one or two drops to be used per 8 oz. of pure water or liquid. The two ounce bottle can last 3-4 months, making this one of the most economical alkalizers available.

Note: As good as the pH Plus Enhancer is it does not improve mineral deficiencies in the body and in cases where there is infection present this product is not enough to balance and maintain pH. Therefore in the initial phase of achieving and maintaining pH balance other products would be a better choice. For correcting infection in the body and for restoring pH faster use HCL Whole Body Detox your firsr line of defence for restoring and maintaining healthy pH. A solution that takes care of mineral balance when your first morning urine pH is regularly below 6.4 is the pH Trio. 

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Ingredients in pH Plus Liquid Enhancer 2 fl oz

Modified Sodium Silicate and Water

Contains No Preservative or Artificial Ingredients

Stores Indefinitely

2 drops per 8oz liquid