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If front teeth are compromised (i.e. root canals, toxic dental materials) it is critical to see a bio-compatible dentistry dentist to replace toxic materials.

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ProstaVen (Prostate Complex) - 60 Vcaps
ProstaVen (Prostate Complex) - 60 Vcaps (2541)

More Potent Than Ever. Optimal cleansing/detox and nutritional support for the prostate. Clinically proven Prostate Phytonutrients with the best Quantum Synergists. Supports normal prostate size and function. Supports normal urine flow and elimination. Especially effective when used with sister products UriVen/Bladder Complex and/or Ultra-Pollen Extract


Selenium 200 mcg - 90 Caps - Metabolic Maintenance
Selenium 200 mcg - 90 Caps - Metabolic Maintenance (MMP00433)

Health benefits of selenium are partly explained by its antioxidant effect. It helps with immune system function. Selenium may delay or prevent the onset of cancer. It is also an important mineral needed for proper thyroid function.

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Tomato - 10 oz Powder
Tomato - 10 oz Powder (2588)

Super Food concentrate (South American nonhybrid tomatoes), rich in lycopene; delicious..

This 100% pesticide-free tomato concentrate from South America is created using quantum-state, nonhybrid, chemical free tomatoes and a low temperature, air dried process.  Enjoy a delicious power drink in seconds!  This functional Super Food is in a category by itself, and features lycopene (67mg/tablespoon) with impressive antioxidant properties and potassium (195 mg/tablespoon).  Our concentrate is free of pesticides, genetic tampering, fillers, sweeteners, or artificial flavor enhancers.

UltraPollen (Multi-Pollen Extract), Premier - 45 Vcaps
UltraPollen (Multi-Pollen Extract), Premier - 45 Vcaps (2485)

High energy super food for whole body health. Strengthens the Kidneys and Bladder. Proper functioning Kidneys is essential for mineral absorption and therefore Bone and Joint health. Excellent and safe anti-inflammatory. Support for allergies, urinary tract, male and female reproductive systems. In 85% of cases is ALL that is needed to blanace hormones.

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UriVen (Bladder Complex) Premier - 60 Vcaps
UriVen (Bladder Complex) Premier - 60 Vcaps (2182)

Nutraceutical urinary tract & bladder formula; ideal for support & detox of the entire urinary tract and kidneys*.

Whey Protein - 10 oz (Whey Peptein)
Whey Protein - 10 oz (Whey Peptein) (0950)

Toxic processing methods have left many people negatively reacting to other highly heated whey products and unable to obtain the benefits. Premier Research Labs uses ion exchange with extremely low heat, leaving the whey's broad array of healing protein molecules intact. Highest quality, pesticide-free whey (min. 15% glycomacropeptides); high energy*.  10 oz. Powder