Stress Reduction E Pendant (EP2)

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Stress Reduction E Pendant by
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Description of Stress Reduction E Pendant

Size 1" x 1-5/16"

Environmental Chaos Protection!
Excellent Cell Phone and EMF Protection!
Be less affected by negative people, moody people and energy draining people and environments!

The 'New' Stress E Pendant Necklace has now been upgraded to give you the MOST POWERFUL EMF Protection available anywhere! We have tried everything else out there and this E Pendant trumps them ALL!

Are you frustrated trying to function on less energy than God intended. Well finally an effective answer to the artificially depleted and chaotic energies now found all around us.

Cocoon yourself and each member of your family in a protective field of coherence by accessing and amplifying coherent left spinning electron activity found naturally throughout our environment. These coherent energies that support life have been unnaturally depressed by our man made environments, electronics and satellites. Even our thought patterns and negative thoughts of others can depress these energies. Now, while wearing the Stress E Pendant EMF protector, all chaos must pass through an amplified field of natural accessed coherence, losing their chaotic nature. Your body no longer has to be fatigued, irritated and depressed!

If you work with a health care provider utilizing any of the many forms of muscle testing or the newer energy biofeedback machines you may be encouraged by the test results. Place your hand near a computer screen without the E Pendant on your person and feel how weak your other arm's resistance becomes. Place the E Pendant on your person and note that your other arm remains much stronger. Basically negative energy emitting environments weaken our personal energies including brain function if we do not have an E Pendant on our person.

The E Pendant is excellent for children and adults alike and seems to support emotional balance, attentiveness and focus. Reported to help children with ADD/ADHD and Asthma. Now conveniently non polar, it can be placed in your pocket, worn around your neck, clipped to a piece of clothing.

Extraordinary results from wearing the E Pendant have been verified by Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, Bio Meridian, QXCI, as well as simple common sense. When your head no longer heats up when talking on the cell phone, the head aches are non existent after sitting in front of the computer all day, when you have something left at the end of the day for the family for a change: These results mean a lot more than the "tests" alone! The beautiful "opalesque" stone holds the unique E Technology that is at the core of all E and QE technology. The silicone material holds the technology perfectly.

Wear the E Pendant at all times, or in the evening, place it on the nightstand within three feet of your sleeping area. (Energy sensitive people or light sleepers may want to sleep outside of the E Pendant’s 6 foot energy field until they get used to its energy.)

I suggest placing this E Technology around your neck and taking it off only when you sleep or bathe. You may exchange the chord for your own metal chain if you prefer.

The purpose and result of E Technology is to nullify the harmful effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields) and ELF (extremely low frequency) created by radio waves, microwaves, cell phones, computers, power lines, televisions, cars, planes, fuse boxes, and so on.

This technology has a 3-4 foot radius. The performance especially on the body is superb.

The E Pendant is now the most powerful personal protection in the Flexoelectric E Technology line.

Also use the amplified energy field to energize and turn the spin of any food and drink simply by placing the stone next to any food or beverage for as little as thirty seconds. Longer is always better.

The E Pendant never loses it's effectiveness (unless broken) and never needs to be charged. It is not affected by X-rays or airport metal-detectors. 

Try it for yourself!

60 Day money-back guarantee (re-stocking fee may apply), on Stress E Pendant purchases from pH Pure Health.

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