Medi Detox Pack (Dental) - 5 oz Powder, Premier Research (3672)

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Medi Detox Pack (Dental) - 5 oz Powder, Premier Research by
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Description of Medi Detox Pack (Dental) - 5 oz Powder, Premier Research

Rapid, deep-seated detox of targeted dental & gum areas; also see DentaVen and Aloe Pro Juice 16 fl oz

What is the Medi-Dental Pack?

The Medi-Dental Pack is an effective, cleansing dental pack which contains premium quality bentonite clay and zeolite minerals. High quality clays and minerals have been used for centuries in many cultures to promote cleansing. In the past, certain sources were highly prized for their amazingly diverse cleansing effects. Bentonite is a smectite clay that has been formed through volcanic activity.

It exhibits a unique crystalline structure. These crystalline molecules act as transducers of light frequencies to encourage the cleansing process. Smectite clay has a unique, natural sorptive power with cleansing properties.

Once the clay mixture of this product has been used for cleansing of the oral cavity, its unique sorptive power has been exhausted so it is best to discard and not re-use it. Please enjoy the powerful effects of this excellent pack.

Smectite clays initially form through volcanic activity.  They have a crystalline structure that is unique to each clay.  These crystalline molecules act as transducers of light frequencies to encourage the cleansing process.  Smectite clays have a unique, natural adsorptive power. Once used this has been exhausted so it is best to discard the clay.

  • An effective cleansing pack featuring premium montmorillonite bentonite clay that naturally contains adsorptive calcium smectites, silica and mineral oxides.
  • High quality clays and minerals have been used for centuries in many cultures for cleansing.  In the past, certain sources of clay were highly prized for their amazingly diverse cleansing effects.

 Please enjoy the natural, powerful rejuvenating effects of this excellent product.

Examples of Oral Areas That May Need Detoxification
• A sore gum area
• A loose tooth area or a sensitive tooth
• A tooth with a toxic filling (silver fillings, stainless steel,
gold crowns, etc.)
• Cavitations (sites of previously extracted teeth)
• Retromolar areas that have been injected with toxic
dental anesthetics
• TMJ (jaw joint) areas

Specific Nutritional Support
Recommended during the Medi-Dental Pack detoxification procedures:

Aloe Pro Juice - organic Aloe liquid. USE TO MIX MEDI DENTAL CLAY INTO A THICK PASTE

•Coral Complex — Supports healthy bone and teeth
metabolism, supplies alkaline minerals for a healthy, alkaline pH*
• OsteoVen – Broad spectrum nutrients for
jaw, teeth and TMJ support; also support the body’s detoxification
• RenaVen – Supports the kidney’s role in promoting
strong, healthy bones and teeth*
• Green TeaTM – Assists in gentle detoxification of mouth
area; assists immune system surveillance of teeth and gum areas*
• CoQ-10 – Deep-seated gum tissue support*
Topical Support of Teeth and Gum Areas
• Neem Oil – Massage one or two drops into affected gum
areas. Although it has a slightly bitter taste, these alkaloids provide key
immune support to help clear the area.*
• Limonene Oil – This organic essential oil of orange contains
d’limenone, a powerful, immune-boosting fraction. A few drops may be
massaged into the gums for immune support, pain relief and increased
circulation to the area.* In addition, the limonene oil acts as a powerful
natural solvent, capable of carrying other oils deeper into the tissue. A
favorite combination is to mix a few drops of neem oil with a few drops of
limonene oil in your palm and then massage the oil combo into the
affected gum or dental area.

Ingredients in Medi Detox Pack (Dental) - 5 oz Powder, Premier Research

5oz Powder (up to 192 applications)

Proprietary Blend with Calcium-Based Bentonite and Zeolite (laumontite form).

Recommended Use (for adults or children)
Items Needed
Medi-Dental Pack – 1 container
Aloe Pto Liquid – 1 bottle
A nonmetallic bowl and spoon
Mix ¼-½ teaspoon of Medi-Dental Pack powder in a plastic (or nonmetallic) container with just enough aloe liquid (preferred) or purified water to create a thick, paste-like clay ball. Next, place this clay ball inside your mouth and form it around the target area (such as a target tooth or gum area) which you wish to cleanse. Hold the ball in place for 5 to 7 minutes with your finger. Remove the ball and rinse your mouth with purified water. (During this time, if you happen to swallow a small amount of the clay mixture, it is harmless.) However, it is best to avoid swallowing
Rinse the mouth a few times until no clay taste remains.
If possible, go outside for 5 minutes or longer to absorb the ultra high, healing frequencies of solar radiation into the newly detoxified areas.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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