Liver / Galbladder Flush Mini Plus, Premier Research (plfmp)

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Liver / Galbladder Flush Mini Plus, Premier Research by
Premier Research Labs

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Description of Liver / Galbladder Flush Mini Plus, Premier Research

What Does The Liver/Gallbladder Flush Do? .

Helps cleanse stagnant waste from the liver/gallbladder.
Helps improve liver functioning and bile flow*.
Helps purify the blood and lymph*
Helps rejuvenate the body*

Whole Body Boost

Liver/gallbladder flushes are used to stimulate elimination of wastes from the body, to open the blood and lymph flow to the liver, to increase bile flow, and to improve overall liver functioning. Liver/gallbladder flushes can purify the blood and the lymph supply to the whole body when your liver “filter” has been cleansed.**

Important: If this is your first time doing a liver flush or to make sure the flush is successful and you have no detox syptoms take 2-4 tsp. Gallbladder ND daily mixed in water away from food. Split your dose to morning and evening. Do this for 2 weeks before your first flush.

How do you do the Flush?

Drink the Liver/Gallbladder Flush mixture first thing in the morning, then immediately swallow two capsules of Quantum Liver Complex and/or Quantum Gallbladder Complex. Wait 15 minutes, then repeat the entire Flush, once again swallowing two  capsules of Quantum Liver Complex and/or Quantum Gallbladder Complex. Do not take any other food or supplements. After the second Flush, wait 90 minutes (or more) before eating. You may drink water or herbal tea during the 90 minutes.
At lunch time, you may eat your regular lunch and take your lunch supplements. At dinnertime, you may eat your regular dinner and take your dinner supplements.

Most people find the Liver/Gallbladder Flush drink pleasantly spicy and because of the olive oil, rather filling. Waiting 90 minutes before eating lets the Flush work its way through the digestive tract, unhampered by any food burden.

How often do you do the Flush?
Repeat the Flush (both doses) once per week for 2 months. If you have been chronically ill, you may need to take only one dose of the Flush each week or skip weeks in between using the Flush. To help achieve optimal liver health, repeat this Flush at least once a year.

The following proportions are for one flush for the average
adult. Mix the following ingredients together in a high-speed
1. 1/2 cup organic tomato juice (use 2 tbsp. of Premier
Tomato Concentrate in 1/2 cup water)
2. 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil  organic, extra virgin,
3. 2 Vcaps of Alliidin Complex or 1/2 tsp. freshly grated, raw,
organic garlic (avoid commercial garlic which is usually
too weak)
4. 2 Vcaps of Premier Turmeric, a special liver cleansing
herb. Open the capsules, then add to mixture.
5. To swallow: 2 Vcaps of Premier HepatoVen Complex or Quantum Gallbladder Complex.

The morning after the flush it can be very helpful to do a coffee enema to stimulate a deeper release of toxins and hopefully avoid any stagnation that may cause nausea.

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