Breathing Is So Much Easier

I suffered congestive heart failure on January 24, 2002. I was on life support for two weeks in ICU, then had to be hospitalized several times over the next few months to have fluid drained from my lungs. I learned of “Vitamin O” from a friend—I ordered it, started using it, and have not been in the hospital since. Breathing is so much easier. Thank you for a great product.
—Vivian M. K., age 65

Becoming My Old Self Again
I was on prescription medication for anemia and high blood pressure. They helped a little, but what help they provided was overshadowed by harmful side effects. After taking one months supply of “Vitamin O” I have discontinued the prescriptions and feel like I’m really on the way to becoming my old self again. “Vitamin O” deserves a lot of the credit for the improvement. I intend to keep on taking it!
—R. Penn, age 85

A Terrific Product
“Vitamin O”—What a terrific product! No more leg cramps at night. Regular bowel movements. No colds for two years. Sinuses are always open. No more sinus infections. My husband’s feet always bothered him—he’s had relief for that. Wish we’d have had “Vitamin O” twenty years ago. We certainly appreciate the discount.
—M.K., age 79

So Warm I Was Done For
I can’t take the high humidity of the
Wisconsin summers and once it got so warm I was done for. But since I’ve been on “Vitamin O” I can keep going regardless of how high the humidity is. My husband takes it in the wintertime and doesn’t get colds like he used to. We especially like it for cuts, burns, etc.

My brother-in-law’s eyes used to get very sore and irritated. After one or two drops of “Vitamin O” in his eyes, he does not have this problem. This made him a believer. My father-in-law applied it to an aching tooth and that was the end of the toothache. My daughter uses it for her varicose veins and gets tremendous relief. I wouldn’t want to be without it!
—N. Mast, age 47

Impressed With Vitamin O
I am very impressed with “Vitamin O”, especially the way it has helped the cramps in my legs. I am also more alert and I don’t have to take any more afternoon naps. “Vitamin O” has really made a difference. I have tried many over-the-counter things without any luck. I must not forget, my sleeping at night is much better also thanks to “Vitamin O”. I take 30 drops in the morning and 30 drops at night.
—R. Simpson, age 85

My Skin Has Cleared
I sent for “Vitamin O”. My arms were really dark with bruises. All I had to do was touch something and I’d bruise. Since I have started taking “Vitamin O” my skin has cleared, my arms aren’t dry anymore, and I have more energy. I’m able to keep up with my great-granddaughters a little more easily.
—J. Dudley, age 75

Feel A Lot Better
Cordyceps is the best product I’ve ever taken. They make me feel younger. My friends tell me I look better than before. I’ve been taking Cordyceps for about three years and do feel a lot better. Thanks R-Garden, you’re the best!
—J. Rayos, age 53

Blood Pressure Was Normal
After taking “Vitamin O” for only a few months after 30 years of taking blood pressure medicine, my doctor took me off the medication because my blood pressure was normal. I also had a pain on my left side and couldn’t lay on that side because of the pain. Every night I would rub “Vitamin O” on my left side and now my pain is completely gone.
—L. Adams, age 61

Very Good Check-ups
I have been using “Vitamin O” for over two years. After using it for 8 months, I no longer use my inhalers, have had very few colds, and have had very good check-ups by my doctor.
My wife has had a lot of trouble with acid reflux during the night. Since she has started using 15-20 drops of “Vitamin O” at bedtime and has stopped drinking coffee at the evening meal she no longer has that problem and can sleep all night now.
—S. Boeckmann, age 81

“Stamina To Keep On Hiking”
I have been using “Vitamin O” for over a year. On a recent trip to
Sedona, Arizona, I brought my “Vitamin O” with me. Before hiking the red rocks I loaded up on the oxygen. I also used it after hiking the total of 10 miles. I feel the product gave me more energy than I have had in a long time. I haven’t hiked like this before and the added oxygen gave me the stamina to keep on hiking. I also use Inner Garden Flora, Cordyceps, Sun Energy, and Maximizer to help my immune system and keep my body in balance.
—C. Sachs, Age 38