A Revolutionary New Approach to Overcome Illness

A Revolutionary New Approach to Prevent Illness

The Quest For Ideal Health: To reach a state of great health, most people must first overcome their chronic health problems, such as joint stiffness, muscle aches, asthma, allergies, headaches, high blood pressure and all the “itis’s” such as arthritis, prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis, diverticulitis, hepatitis, sinusitis, etc. In fact, as of the year 2000, more than 1 out of 2 Americans are termed chronically ill, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Our Mission: The mission of The pH Pure Health Company is to give individuals some powerful resources towards achieving an optimal state of health and well being. To this end we are constantly exploring frontiers of Health. We hope for the day when we have a healthy food supply, where the shelves of supermarkets are not littered with health challenging foods and beverages and when you can go out for a meal and see health conscious choices on the menu. The aches and pains and chronic health problems most of us live with for the latter half of our lives becomes a thing of past.

We all need to know that perfect vision, perfect teeth, perfect functioning brains and bodies are possible throughout life - that is the goal. No single disease has to exist today in such enormous proportions if parents and children follow basic good habits of living - dramatic reduction in environmental pollution would help too however we have less control over that factor. Healthy eating, regular exercise, a good nights sleep, good relationships and stimulating daily work or study activity are the basis of healthy living. Filtered water for drinking and bathing is also very important. Because many of us are not taught the truth about the cornerstones of health (for example what is healthy food) we often unknowingly malnourish and our bodies and subject ourselves to a significant toxic burden. Over time our bodies become overwhelmed and break down.

PH Pure Health is a resource of information and products to support anyone towards their goal of optimum health.

Here we offer a 5-Step nutritional protocol that we have found wonderfully powerful in support of anyone making the commitment to bring their whole self to a state of exquisite health.

The 5 Steps

1. Restoration of an Alkaline Body pH - As indicated by a consistent, first morning and evening urine pH of 6.4 to 7.0.

2. Restoration of Hormone Levels–Since chronic illness typically leads to hormonal exhaustion, the next step is to identify and support the glands which need more support to produce a sufficient amount of their hormones. Hormone deficiency can lead to global body symptoms such as sleep deprivation, difficulty with the bowels, and chronic fatigue.

3. Detoxification and Cleanse of Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Toxins of all kinds- Identify and eliminate the common inducers and promoters of disease.

4. Elimination of Chronic Infections and Interference Fields (IF) - By using targeted nutraceuticals and the Medi Body Pack System. E.g. A scar (IF) on the body can weaken the function of an organ such as the left kidney. 

5. Renutrification of the Body - By using key nutraceuticals chosen for their ability to nourish the cellular matrix and perform comprehensive DNA repair.

Step 1. Restore an Alkaline Body pH

As indicated by a first morning urine pH of 6.4 to 7.0

The first goal on the way to great health is to restore the body’s pH to the alkaline range. Almost all-chronic illness takes place in a body that has become acidic due to the gradual depletion of its mineral reserves.

It is important to mention here that it is essential to consume 'good' water everyday (the key to healthy body function) and use a 'good' shower filter in order to stop the onslaught of toxins entering the body from these sources.

Testing Urine pH. It has been clinically established that the urine’s pH is an accurate reflection of the whole body’s tissue pH. The state of the body’s acid/alkaline balance can be easily measured by testing the urine using hydrazine paper (also called pH paper). The urine pH is directly correlated to both tissue oxygen levels and soft tissue levels of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and trace elements. These minerals are the basic currency of exchange for literally every cell in the body.

Testing the First Morning Urine pH The first morning urine is tested to determine whether the pH is acid or alkaline (the “first morning urine” is defined as the first urination after 5 AM). If the urine pH is too acidic (a pH below 6.4), this indicates the body is in a state of physiological deregulation and distress due to lack of sufficient minerals, which are needed to adequately carry out thousands of basic cellular functions. Therefore, our immediate goal is to restore a consistently alkaline, first morning urine pH (within the range of 6.4 to 7.0) by using fast-acting, Coral minerals (which are highly ionized and easily absorbed).

Testing the Evening Urine pH Once the pH of the first morning urine stays consistently in the alkaline range (for a period of at least 2 weeks), the next step is to begin testing the evening urine pH (best measured just before the dinner meal around 5 or 6 p.m.).

To rapidly replenish and maintain soft tissue mineral reserves, the best method we’ve seen is the use one of the pH Trio Packages  (3 synergistic products to rapidly promote an alkaline pH) or Coral Complex capsules. When the client’s first morning urine pH is below 6.0 and he/she presents with bone loss symptoms, usually larger amounts of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals are needed. In this case, the pH Trio is the best recommendation.

The pH Trio Kit A consists of:

Coral (Calcium) Legend Powder, the first product of the pH Trio contains highly ionized calcium, magnesium and trace elements. Recommended use for adults or children (age 2 and up): 1/2 - 1 teaspoon/day.

Aloe Legend Powder, the second product of the pH Trio, combines an inner-leaf aloe concentrate with organic pomegranate. When mixed with Coral Calcium, the amino acid structure of the aloe powder ideally targets the coral minerals to the soft tissue for greater metabolic efficiency. Recommended use for adults or children (age 2 and up): 1/2 teaspoon/day mixed with the Coral Calcium in water or juice. We have found the Aloe Juice Drink to be more effective than the Aloe Powder.

Cod Liver Oil or Vitamin D3 Serum, the third product of the pH Trio. Cod Liver Oil caps provides U.S.P. grade cod liver oil, which is rich in Vitamin D3, an essential nutrient for calcium utilization at the cellular level. It also contains rich amounts of EPA and DHA, which are critical for the brain’s growth, repair and maintenance. Recommended use for adults or children (age 2 and up): 3-4 capsules daily. Pure uncontaminated Cod Liver Oil is almost impossible to find today so alternatively use our D3 Serum See pH Trio Kit C. Also considering that we now know we need much higher levels of Vitamin D3 our D3 Serum is the better choice to raise Vitamin D levels in the blood.

Coral Calcium Complex is ideal for those who prefer to take the minerals in capsules. It contains coral minerals (with its highly ionized calcium, magnesium and trace elements) and special mycelial mushroom extracts, which naturally contain provitamin D for calcium transport into the cell. Recommended use for adults or children (age 2 and up): 2 to 6 capsules/day. This choice does not increase pH levels as efficiently as the pH Trio Packages.

Note: To properly absorb minerals the Kidneys must be functioning. If there is a concern use Greens Mix initially for alkalization and Kidney Complex to strengthen kidney function.

Step 2. Restore Hormone Levels

The hormone balance of the body is a complex, interactive symphony of different regulating compounds. These hormones are internal messengers, which are necessary to control and regulate the body’s processes. Since chronic illness typically leads to hormonal exhaustion, the next step is to identify and support the glands, which need more support to produce a sufficient amount of their hormones. Hormone deficiency can lead to global body symptoms such as sleep dysregulation, difficulty with the bowels, chronic fatigue or even inability to exercise. 

The most common areas, which may need support, are:

Pituitary/Hypothalamic Support

Amla/ChyaPro an adaptogenic botanical formula providing quantum-state, full body rejuvenation, including immunity, brain and hormone balance. Even more effective when used with Ginseng FX!

Adaptogen R-3 is a broad spectrum endocrine rejuvenator, especially the pituitary adrenal axis.

Anabolic strength maximizer for muscle, energy, stamina, fat metabolism, power and endurance.

Adrenal Support

Adrenal Complex: Contains Cordyceps Mycelial Extract. In long-term chronic illness, adrenal exhaustion is almost always present and is a key reason why many therapies fail. To help support and rebuild the adrenal glands, the use of cordyceps mushroom as a special fermented mycelial extract, is a world-wide proven success. DHEA can also be very effective for Adrenal  and stress support

Max B-ND (Vitamin B Nano Plex): Supplies the end chain usable forms of the B Vitamins in liquid fast acting form.

Adaptogen R-3: a superb herbal nutraceutical that supports the Adrenals and Kidneys.

Thyroid Support:

Green Tea-ND: The key phytocemicals in green tea, called polyphenols,have been shown to protect DNA from damage inflicted from harmful chemicals and even radiation. Green tea's polyphenols are also extremely effective as anitoxidants capable of inhibiting mutation and formation of cancerous cells as well as providing extraordinary protection for the heart, kidneys, thyroid and the skin.

XenoStat. Xeno-estrogen detoxification support formula. Superb for Thyroid rejuvenation. Often used during menopause to supply natural-source estrogen and to eliminate xeno-estrogens from the hormone receptor sites. Detoxifies potentially carcinogenic 16-hydroxyesterone and produces the benificial protective antioxodant form 2-hydroxyestrone.

Thyroid Complex/ThyroVen: contains herbal nutraceuticals and Indian Noni. The use of special, ayurvedically processed Noni (fruit and seed, India source) for 4 to 8 weeks can often normalize the thyroid’s thyroxin production without the need for exocrine thyroxin drugs (which can imbalance other endocrine glands).

Angstrom Iodine: Angstrom sized highly absorbable and usable iodine.

Step 3. Detoxification of Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Toxins of all kinds

Replace toxic personal care products with non-toxic ones; detoxify the body.

Eliminate Infection in the body.

HCL Whole Body) Detox.
After years of eating a cooked food diet, protein wastes build up in the tissues. These wastes become food for bacteria and viruses to thrive on. The acid waste bioproducts of these bacteria, viruses and mycoplasmas create the ill health you may contend with. The inexpenvie HCL (Whole Body) Detox Kit can successfully eliminate the vast majoriy of hidden infections giving your body the opportunity to greatly lighten its toxic burden.

The next step is to identify and eliminate the most apparent inducers and promoters of chronic illness for each person. So great is the exposure and bio-accumulation of toxic chemicals, such as heavy metals, pesticide/insecticide residues and industrial chemicals, that we typically include “detox” nutritional support for each person. It is estimated that 80% of North Americans have symptoms of heavy metal toxicity! Also we believe that most Candida/Yeast issues are a result of Heavy Metal Toxicity!

Heavy Metal Detoxification.

To help cleanse heavy metal deposits from the brain, kidney and bowels, key support agents are:

DETOX-ND (Heavy Metal Nano) Pre-Digested chlorella with unique, global, heavy-metal binding properties to clear the whole-body of heavy metal and other toxic residues. Helps clear gallbladder meridian master points, typically not cleansed by ordinary chlorella. Essential to use with CoQ Quinol

Much more effective and less detox sideaffects when used with our Medi-Body Packs (use Detox-ND as your mixing liquid)

Kidney Support:

Kidney Complex/RenaVen, which contains Agaricus Bisporous extract (Chinese, grown in rich, non-chemicalized soil). Research confirms the powerful blood purifying properties of this extract, which helps to download the toxic burden on the kidneys as well as the bowels. This extract has been shown to be as effective as cortisone against allergic reactions, including allergic-like responses such as leaky gut, asthma and other symptoms.

Ginseng FX: Strengthens weak kidneys. Also excellent for Pancreas function, Liver support and is a powerful Brain Tonic and Blood Builder.


Liver/Gallbladder Detoxification. For powerful liver detoxification see the Liver/Gallbladder Flush.

Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing and Support:

Max B-ND (Vitamin B): Excellent for Liver Function 

NucleoImmune Complex: Whole Body Healing (Liver repair) and Immune System support.

Liver Complex/HepatoVen: Boost Liver function and cleanse.

Liver ND: Chemical Detox, Powerful DNA repair and Antioxidant 

Gallbladder ND: Stimulates the flow of bile; softens gallstones for easier elimination; encourages healthy blood lipids (healthy Cholesterol). If you prefer not to take anything with alcohol use GALLBLADDER CLEAR 60 Vcaps

Gallbladder Complex/BilliVen, Used with Gallbladder Nano Detox for gallstone elimination or with Parotocin to detoxify Liver Flukes

Intestinal Tract/Colon Detox:

Drink 6-9 glasses of filtered water daily! Essential for healthy intestinal tract.

A clean healthy functioning Colon and regular (minimum 2) bowel movements DAILY is essential for good health.

LaxaGen (for regular bowel movements) - Take 2-6 before each meal until bowel movements are regular and easy.

Noni - Take 2-4 with LaxaGen for stubborn Constipation issues

Parotocin/Paracidin (Para-cleansing esp. Liver flukes from Liver, Pancreas and Spleen) 

ParaStat (Parasite Cleansing) Take for 90 Days and use Castor Oil Packs over the Abdominal Area

Digest, broad range of exquisite digestive enzymes

Foods For Liver Support:

Medi-Amino's Rice Source and Rice-Bean Source, 

Lean Body Whey,

Tocotriene Complex.

Note: Always support the Colon when doing Liver/Gallbladder detox and cleanse. See Cleanse Blend

Non-Toxic Body Care Products. What you put on your skin, you are actually eating, since the ingredients are typically absorbed through the skin into systemic circulation. Therefore, a critical step for each person is to discontinue all toxic body care products and replace them with 100% toxic-free, body-friendly products, including both skin care and hair care products. We carry the Premier Shampoo, good for all types of hair. Colostrum Cream, world-class nutrients for radiant skin. DNA Repair Cream: The ultimate skin hydration and repair cream. 

Avoid toxic deodorants with perfumes and aluminum by using Ozonated Gel: This superior deodorant will supply your under arm with oxygen to kill odor causing microbes and keep you smelling like mountain fresh air for 3 days from one application. 

Fluoride destroys brain cells and stops enzymes from working. A number one thyroid suppressant is your everyday fluoridated toothpaste. MicroBrite Tooth Powder (call for more info), is the superior choice for you. It is a negatively charged mint flavored powder that neutralizes positively charged food particles on your teeth and cleans them away. Removing the food that feeds bacteria in the mouth. This electron rich powder will feed and help heal the gums and it whitens the teeth as well. One brushing keeps your mouth super clean and fresh for up to 24 hours.

Examples of Toxic Ingredients To Avoid: SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), methyl paraben, propylene glycol, fragrance, peg-8 stearate and most ingredients with chemical names.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products. Once again, whatever you touch or breathe has the potential to be absorbed into the body and bio-accumulate if the body’s detox pathways are inadequate. The best course of action is to avoid chemical-based cleaning products and use 100% toxic-free cleaning agents. Use our Liquid Soap :

Protection From Electromagnetic Pollution. Although unseen, electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution is considered to be the most dangerous type of pollution today. Because many types of manmade EMF's can disrupt every known biological system in the body, such as the proper functioning of the hormonal system or the generation of brain waves, the use of EMF protection devices is critical.

Our FlexoElectric and Quantum EMF devices can offer protection from common disruptive EMFs by amplifying the suppressed life force energy and creating a protective field through which Electromagnetic Chaos cannot pass. We offer a range of protective devices: More Info>>

Cleaning up Atmospheric Pollution in the Home or Office with The Boss/Airwise Air Purifiers: This patented Photo Catalytic Ionization system produces clean, powerful, safe hydroxyls which bond to pollens, dust, mold, fungi, viruses, odors and all unwanted things in the atmosphere and kill them or cause then to fall to the ground. The net effect is it deodorizes, disinfects and cleans the air so well that you breathe better and have more energy and detoxify your lungs of all pollutants already lodged in the lungs.

Step 4. Eliminate Chronic Infections and Interference Fields 

Using targeted nutraceutical support and anti-infective compounds and the Medi Body Pack system.

The next step is to identify and eliminate all chronic infections and interference fields. These are often difficult to detect because they may be sub clinical (i.e. when infection is chronic, the common infectious responses are often absent, such as inflammation, fever, sore throat, etc.). Many therapies have ultimately failed due to the failure to eradicate these underlying chronic infections. The following key herbal nutraceuticals can greatly assist in support and eradication of chronic infections:

In the 1930’s medical doctors successfully eliminated 90% of all infections with Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). Today we have the HCL Detox Therapy Program, which is the number one anti-infective we tend to recommend. It consists of HCL and HCL Activator. Taken in combination at the end of each meal you can improve digestion, make the cells of your body younger by remethylating them and dissolve biofilms and hidden infections. Ask for the HCL (Whole Body) Detox Therapy Program.

Other Anti-infective products include:

Colostrum Organic and Whole : World-class immune support, including anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal factors. Best source: (not defatted); low-temperature air-dried (not freeze-dried)

Neem Oil: Broad spectrum, anti-infective support; targets the ears, mouth, throat and gums Best source: Ayurvedically processed, grown in the wilds of India, not solvent extracted. Excellent for gum health.

Oregano Oil (Carvacrol Oil): Broad-spectrum powerful anti-infective support with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties; targets the mouth, throat and upper gastrointestinal tract. Best source: Moroccan grown, not solvent-extracted, high content of carvacrol.

Coriolus Mushroom Mycelial Extract: Main Action: Spectacular effect to help clear acute infection; anti-bacterial, anti-viral. Best source: Grown in China in high mountains (not commercial cultivation), not a highly heated or burned extract, not just ground up mushroom.

Reishi Immune Mushroom: Action, Key liver detoxification properties, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-hepatitis (all types). Best source: Grown wild in high mountains of China, not solvent extracted.

Parasites: Holarrhena Antidysenterica (Parastat): Main Action: World-class anti-parasitic herb; supports intestinal parasitic detoxification, helps rebuild the bowel lining; used in both acute and chronic parasitic infestation; used in bowel cleansing (esp. upper g.i. tract) for faster results. Best source: grade 10, ayurvedically processed, grown in central forests of India

Liver flukes (parasites): Very common in the Liver, Spleen and Pancreas. Parotocin/Paracidin is a comprehensive herbal blend providing superb immune specific support for the liver, spleen and pancreas especially para-detox.

Propolis Extract: Main Action: Broad-spectrum immune system support; especially skin support (inside and out); contains 500 different bioflavonoids. Best source: Taken from bee hives in non-pesticided countries; no heavy metal or pesticide residues, not overly heated (leaving a burned residue)

Multi-Pollen/UltraPollen Extract: Main Action: Superior anti-infective support for the urinary tract, bladder and prostate. Best source: From bee hives in non-pesticided countries; no heavy metal or pesticide residues

Digestive Tract Health: Clearing fungal and bacterial infections by using a superb Digestive Enzymes Product; Digest not only contains the most common enzymes: protease, amylase and lipase, but also special enzymes: invertase, lactase, maltase and cellulase.  This complex of enzymes helps to support the digestion of all types of food. One capsule per meal can dramatically improve digestion and increase the amount and frequency of your elimination.

Intestinal Flora/Good Bacteria essential for overall health and strong immune system. Probiotic formula.

Note: See our article on biofilms. In chronic illness, a powerful detox herb such as Holarrhena antidysenterica is often best used with an anti-viral support herb the best is Alliicidin for Biofilm busting!. Strong, anti-infective herbs can increase kidney or liver burden and may necessitate additional support for the kidney, liver or gallbladder. See Kidney Complex and Reishi Complex or Liver Complex.

Clearing Interference Fields: Anytime you have sustained an injury to a part of your body such as a bruise, break, sprain, blow, or surgical procedure, the body is usually left with an interference field. There are two aspects to you the physical body and the energy body. The energy body animates the physical body. Any physical or emotional trauma can cause damage to the energy body. So while the physical may heal up completely after an injury, the flow of energy in this area is stopped, stagnant or shut down. If the flow of energy is shut down to this one injured area then it can block the flow of energy to any other area of the body. For example an episiotomy (scar a women can have from giving birth to a child) can shut down the adrenals. By using the Medi Body Clay Packs you can systematically apply the mud to the download sites, organs of elimination and the injured areas themselves and go about turning all these points back on. This opens up the river of energy to flow and feed all organs and body systems. Long-standing chronic problems finally begin to heal as result of clearing your interference fields. Usually you need to do a consultation with a QRA practitioner (contact info@phpure.com) to map out a plan of how to use the Medi-Body packs on your body.

Step 5. Renutrify the Body’s tissues

By using key angstrom sized minerals, ionized minerals and nutraceuticals chosen for their ability to nourish the cellular matrix and perform comprehensive DNA repair.

Herbs that are anti-viral are also is capable of DNA repair. Any anti-viral nutrient can begin the process of DNA repair. However, to proceed to a more comprehensive DNA repair, the body must first be rid of infection. 

Too often the underlying infection is never resolved and so the gains in overall health are temporary as the body gradually becomes overwhelmed again and again.

Trying this clinically proven 5-step system, you’ll see faster recovery with simpler and less costly total supplement expense through the recovery phase and especially through the maintenance phase.


The foundation of your health is built on minerals.  

Minerals are responsible for balancing pH, conducting electrical impulses and creating enzymes.  Without minerals, you would not make enzymes. Enzymes perform every function in the body. Most people may limit the role of enzymes to that of digestion. But there are trillions of metabolic enzymes required for energy production, oxygen utilization, vitamin production, neurotransmitter formation and protein synthesis. Zinc alone is responsible for over 50 different enzymes. And all this has to occur in the proper alkaline pH.

First and foremost in mineral nutrition is maintaining an alkaline pH with our Coral Calcium. Not all Corals are created equal. Of the 2100 different species of Coral, the Sango Reef Marine Coral is the most highly ionized (most assimilated), has a perfect 2 to 1 ratio of Calcium over Magnesium and is free of heavy metals. Taking enough of our ionized Coral (Calcium) Minerals will rapidly shift your pH back to a more alkaline state. This alkaline pH brings in a rich supply of oxygen necessary for all cellular reactions, making pH a controlling factor in hormone utilization and enzyme reactions. This alkaline pH is also the secret to maintaining dense bones and strong teeth. An alkaline pH is also a secret to protecting yourself from cancer that prefers an acidic pH environment.

To make sure you are getting ALL the trace minerals (and other nutritional essentials) your body requires use our excellent range of exceptionally pure and natural Super Foods: Greens Mix, Lean Body Whey, Tocotriene, Lecithin, Medi-Aminos, Tomato Concentrate and the wonderful Pink Salt.


The best multivitamin is found under your feet when you walk on a lawn. Yep the food that has sustained herbivores for eons is grass. Cereal Grasses contain every vitamin the body needs except vitamin D.

Greens Mix Powder or Greens caps supplies beyond organic south American Grown cereal grasses to nourish your body with real food grown vitamins that contains cofactors and a light body. Organic Greens Mix contains the fiber, which acts as an excellent broom to keep the intestines clean. Available as a powder or capsules.

Many people supplement with some form of the following vitamin products. The typical forms are either synthetic or isolated (lacking cofactors) and hence inferior to the ones listed below. Almost all B-vitamins are synthetic made from Coal Tar and can cause cells to die prematurely. Throw away your traditional multivitamin and B-Complex and get only 100% food based vitamins and antioxidants.

These vitamin products are from once living sources, and contain all their synergistic cofactors. Some of these vitamins occur in your food supply and may not be needed as supplements. It depends on how depleted you are. If you are very depleted or stressed then using them for a temporary period of time (1-3 months) could prove to be a tremendous health boost. If regularly stressed from traveling, eating out etc., then regular use of these additional vitamin supplements may be very helpful. See Daily Multi

The best B-Complex you could get is Max Stress B-ND: These are food based B-Vitamins that are in their end chain usable form. Traditional B Vitamins have to go through some five-conversion steps before the body can use them. Max Stress B Nano Plex uniquely has once living food source end chain usable B-Vitamins in a highly absorbable liquid form. Taking 20 drops 2X per day will supply your brain and body with the vitamin cofactors to convert food into energy, calm the nerves and create the neurotransmitters that enable you to think.

The Best two forms of Vitamin C to supplement with are Vitamin C Complex (with Camu Camu fruit) and Amla Royale/ChyPro.

Amla Royale also contains Camu Camu fruit, which has 30 times more vitamin C than Oranges. It offers astringent, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and nutritive properties. Amla Royale: Amla fruit is one of nature’s best sources of vitamin C. 

Amla Royale is a 51-herbal supertonic that supplies premier DNA repair for the brain and endocrine systems; it is an herbal rejuvenator for the whole body.

Whole Body Support

The best protection from free radicals and a noticeable increase in brain circulation NeuroDHLA ND (Dihydrolipoic Acid) is the best choice. This Spectacular Antioxidant quenches every known free radical. It is the fully reduced or usable form of lipoic acid and is superior to lipoic acid. At 1/2 - 1 teaspoon to two times per day people report tremendous increase in brain circulation and a feeling of being awake. It can truly protect your brain from aging.

Green Tea ND is another excellent choice for daily whole body health boost. Best taken with DHLA and Max Stress B Nano. All three taken together produce such wonderful results we have named this trio the Daily Powerhouse Health Cocktail!

Powerful daily whole body support for exquisite health and recovery from illness.

How to take the Daily Powerhouse Health Cocktail.

In a 1/4 cup of water (before breakfast) mix in 30 - 60 drops (1/4 - 1/2 tsp.) of each: Max Stress B Nano-Plex, DHLA Nano-Detox and Super Nano Green Tea. Sip slowly. These three exceptional nutraceuticals are even more powerful when taken together.

Essential Fatty Acids called Lenolenic and Lenoleic are essential to health and are found in the EFA Oil Blend. These fats are deficient in many peoples diet and are needed for cell walls, prostaglandin hormones and brain cells. Essential for brain development in kids and anti-aging in adults.

The New Power Food Series – A quantum leap in the performance of functional foods. For Vegan Vegetarians we have, “Medi Aminos” from “beyond organic” non-GMO grains and beans. They are the first of a new generation of foods rendered extraordinarily bio-available. Through the use of steam hydrolysis, 95% of their amino acid content is converted to the free amino acid form while retaining 90% of their enzymes in the raw state.

Lean Body Whey is a protein meal replacement drink, which delivers maximum ORAC (oxygen radical absorbent capacity) or cellular free radical protection. It contains “beyond organic” dried blueberry powder, whey protein isolate (guaranteed pesticide free), “beyond organic” lycopene for modulation of immunoglobulins and natural killer cell support, stabilized rice bran naturally containing 74 known antioxidants, ferulic acid to support muscle growth and gamma oryzanol for hormonal balance, CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) from “beyond organic” sunflower seeds to support normal weight, enhance strength and muscle growth and to support lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, and rice syrup solids for a mild, sweet flavor, free of toxic tag-alongs found in most sweeteners. Even better when used with Adaptogen Complex.

Whether you are a couch potato and desire to become more fit or if you are already fit and want to be super-fit, Lean Body Whey can play a key role. It helps quench the massive free radical release from fat burning during hard exercise. It’s a great tasting super nutrition anti-aging meal replacement for the whole family.

Please Note: This article is for educational purposes only. Please consult with your health care practitioner before starting any new health program.