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Amino hGH (Human Growth Hormone Alternative) - 105 Vcaps, Premier Research
Amino hGH (Human Growth Hormone Alternative) - 105 Vcaps, Premier Research (2096)

Human Growth Hormone Booster. Human growth hormone alternative (hGH) promotes muscular strength, lean body weight, high energy and longevity. Amino hGH (a selection of amino acids) promotes safe and natural increase of human growth hormone production.

Greens - 10 oz Powder, Premier Research
Greens - 10 oz Powder, Premier Research (2585)

Not Available Until May 31, 2016 See GREENS 120 Caps  The best Greens on the planet!

Organically grown greens from grade 10 plants are one of the most potent healing foods on our planet. One special form of greens, the cereal grasses, have been used for centuries and are well known for their spectacular, health-rejuvenating properties.  Taking Premier Greens Mix every day can boost energy levels, increase overall well-being, build strong bones, enhance memory, and strengthen the immune, circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory systems - all naturally.

Lean Advantage - 60 Vcaps, Premier Research
Lean Advantage - 60 Vcaps, Premier Research (2130)

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight With Lean Advantage.
Whether you're looking to lose some weight, develop lean body mass, or just want to be healthier, Lean Advantage from Premier Research Labs is a great supplement choice.

Nitro-7 (105 Caps) Premier, DISCONTINUED
Nitro-7 (105 Caps) Premier, DISCONTINUED (2097)

DISCONTINUED - Please do not order. See Amino hGH Nitro-7 is a performance formula with bioenergetically selected amino acids which promote ideal excercise performance, healthy blood flow and circulation.

Testosterone - 45 Vcaps
Testosterone - 45 Vcaps (2091)

Anabolic strength maximizer for muscle, energy, stamina, libido and fat metabolism*. Testosterone may be the most important single hormone that aging men need. Also small quantities of testosterone precursors can provide a very important role for aging women. Safe, effective supplement you can buy without a prescription.

Whey Peptein - 10 oz (Whey Protein)
Whey Peptein - 10 oz (Whey Protein) (0950)

Toxic processing methods have left many people negatively reacting to other highly heated whey products and unable to obtain the benefits. Premier Research Labs uses ion exchange with extremely low heat, leaving the whey's broad array of healing protein molecules intact. Highest quality, pesticide-free whey (min. 25% glycomacropeptides); high energy*.  10 oz. Powder