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Products : Kidney Support

Adaptogen-R3 - 90 Vcaps, Premier Research
Adaptogen-R3 - 90 Vcaps, Premier Research (2175)

Broad spectrum endocrine rejuvenator, especially the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. Helpful for all glands of the Endocrine System. All ingredients are also immune-specific, so this product may also be used for those with multiple immune concerns. Also a lean-body boost for weight management. Supports maximum performance; increased energy, endurance, enhanced oxygen & nutrient uptake...

AdrenaVen/Adrenal Complex - 60 Vcaps, Premier Research
AdrenaVen/Adrenal Complex - 60 Vcaps, Premier Research (2371)

Stressed Out? Exhausted? Comprehensive Adrenal Support Primary support for the Adrenals and Spleen. Revive burned out Adrenals... sleep better, have more energy...

RenaVen (Kidney Complex) - 60 Vcaps
RenaVen (Kidney Complex) - 60 Vcaps (2461)

Premier nutrients to strengthen and support weak or damaged kidneys. Over 5,000 years of Chinese medicine has proven that the main strength of the body lies in the kidneys (energetically speaking). When the kidneys weaken, your health is sure to fail and chronic diseases can painfully linger. The first step back to good health is to strengthen the kidneys. The outcome of any disease ultimately depends on the power of the kidneys.