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B.P. (Blood Pressure/) Complex - 60 Vcaps
B.P. (Blood Pressure/) Complex - 60 Vcaps(2185)

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally.

Quantum phytonutrients, for healthy heart, arteries & blood pressure*. Supports a rapid normalization of blood pressure with NO side effects. 

Cardio-ND - 8 fl oz, Premier Research
Cardio-ND - 8 fl oz, Premier Research(2346)

Your cardiovascular systems perfect nutraceutical tincture; promotes healthy heart, blood pressure, arteries & circulation. This tincture is so powerful it can dramatically improve circulation and potentially decrease your risk of fatal heart attack or stroke*. Probiotically grown so pre-digested for Super Bioavailability! A key product for diabetics and anyone with circulation issues.

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Allicidin - 60 Vcaps, Premier Research
Allicidin - 60 Vcaps, Premier Research (2591)

Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure, Cleans Arteries, Lowers LDL (Bad Cholestoral), Powerful Broad Spectrum Immune-Specific Support. Lowers Homocycsteine levels in the blood. Broad Spectrum Immune-Specific Support. Gently destroys pockets of biofilms (micro-nests of locked-out infection) especially in the Colon

D3 Serum (Vitamin D) - 0.46 fl oz Liquid, With Dropper
D3 Serum (Vitamin D) - 0.46 fl oz Liquid, With Dropper (1335)

Many studies have recently concluded that the sunshine vitamin (Vitamin D) plays an important role in boosting the human immune system. There is persuasive evidence that supplementation with the right amount of vitamin D can prevent the onset of a flu or cold. Supports many body systems including healthy bone, nerves, heart, brain, lung, esophagus, breasts, colon, stomach, pancreas, prostate, uterus, ovaries, kidneys* D3 is essential for Calcium Absorption.

Deltanol Tocotrienols - 60 Soft Gels, Premier Research
Deltanol Tocotrienols - 60 Soft Gels, Premier Research (0164)

Deltanol is a Delta Tocotrienol Complex (Special Vitamin E Formula) designed to provide advanced cardiovascular and circulatory support.  Spectacular results!

DHA (Omega 3) - 60 Vcaps, Premier Research
DHA (Omega 3) - 60 Vcaps, Premier Research (0161)

DHA, The Key OMEGA 3 Essential Fatty Acid

Quantum-State Support for the Brain, Nerves Eyes & Heart. 
High quality, plant-source DHA derived from marine algae - not from fish and their risk of toxic contaminants or damaged processing. Supports optimum maintenance and development of healthy brain and nerve tissue, including walking ability, motor coordination, ability to learn, healthy moods and more.

HCL (Betaine) - 90 Vcaps, Premier Research
HCL (Betaine) - 90 Vcaps, Premier Research (2177)

Premier HCL™ contains 100% natural-source betaine hydrochloric acid, created to assist the body's natural stomach acids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron and other minerals.

Natural Stomach Acid For Healthy Digestion

Max B-ND (Vitamin B) - 2 fl oz, Premier Research
Max B-ND (Vitamin B) - 2 fl oz, Premier Research (2352)

The worlds best source of Vitamin B12 and ALL the other B Vitamins!
Maximum stress support, anti-aging, instantaneous energy boost, brain rejuvenation, heart health and mood balance. Total metabolism support. Liver health and much more. Unique, live-source, end-chain B vitamins. Most biologically active form is highly absorbable.

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Resveratrol (Poptosin) 8 fl oz Liquid
Resveratrol (Poptosin) 8 fl oz Liquid (2368)

Nanized RESVERATROL: Superb Antioxidant! Probiotic membrane protected reveratrol 25mg per 1/2 tsp.
Often referred to as PURPLE DEFENCE because of the potent polyphenols found in GRAPES.
Improves overall health of cells protecting you from FREE-RADICAL damage especially cardiovascular and neurological systems. 

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