Essential Oils (Attars) & Aromatherapy

Essential oils are the volatile, aromatic liquid extracts
obtained from herbs in their living state (plants, shrubs,
flowers, trees, roots, bark and seeds). These oils contain
oxygenating properties which help to effectively
transport nutrients to the cells of the body and to increase
available cell oxygen. Essential oils, if extracted properly,
have a unique energy signature or bio-electrical healing
frequency. This frequency can be imparted to the user by
simply applying the oil to the skin.

As the essential oils are rubbed on the skin, their tiny molecules
penetrate the fatty layers of the skin and move much deeper
into the body. The lipid solubility of essential oils allows them
to travel transcellularly, or directly through the cell itself.
Because essential oils can penetrate through the fatty tissue
layers into the interstitial fluids as well as into the blood
circulation, they have a profound effect on the whole body

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Products : Essential Oils (Attars) & Aromatherapy

Neem Oil Ultra - 2 fl oz, Premier Research
Neem Oil Ultra - 2 fl oz, Premier Research (1565K)

World class, immune boosting essential oil (2 fl oz)  Throughout time, the search for a true cure-all has been undertaken by virtually every civilization. While hundreds of substances have been tested, few have withstood the test of time and scientific scrutiny as well as neem, a tropical tree native to India.

Oregano Oil - 0.5 fl oz (Carvacrol), Premier Research
Oregano Oil - 0.5 fl oz (Carvacrol), Premier Research (1500)

Premium quality oil of oregano (½ fl oz)  The most active ingredient in wild oregano is carvacrol, a potent, naturally occurring compound which has remarkable effects against all types of microbes such as bacteria, virus (including most types of FLU), fungus and parasites.

QC Oil Blend 1 fl oz, Premier
QC Oil Blend 1 fl oz, Premier (1536)

Quantum Coherence Essential Oil Blend. Identity • Purity • Strength • Composition. Bring yourself into BALANCE.

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