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4" Riser Pipe (for Shower)
4" Riser Pipe (for Shower) (AQ-4RP)

Raise your shower head height by 4". No need to duck under the shower to wash your hair or bathe.

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E Crystal E Stick - 8"
E Crystal E Stick - 8" (estick)

The unique energies amplified by the 8 inch E Stick support and enhance all living organisms, excluding pathogens or disease causing organisms. Superb WATER and FOOD ENERGIZER - you will feel the difference!

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Naturally Filtered Shower Filter
Naturally Filtered Shower Filter (NSHOWER)

NATURAL SHOWER FILTER - simply the best performing shower filter available. Enjoy your shower without absorbing all of the chlorine that can damage your skin, hair and health.

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Revitalizing Shower Filter (SFU)
Revitalizing Shower Filter (SFU) (SF2003)

Enjoy the purity and energies of nature with every bath and shower! The only shower filter that includes the exclusive E Crystal technology!!!


Six technologies combining stronger far infrared, magnetics, magnetite, and flexoelectric E Crystal Technology in a proprietary blend with carbons and KDF for chlorine and metal reduction provide 12-18 months of superior bathing and showering per cartridge. A strong water flow with no need to back wash. Essential for healthy skin and hair.

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Revitalizing Shower Filter Cartridge (replacement) (SFC)
Revitalizing Shower Filter Cartridge (replacement) (SFC) (SF2003CART)

Replacement Cartridge For The Revitalizing Shower Filter and Instructions.

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