Stress Reduction E Pendant PLUS (EP2L)

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Stress Reduction E Pendant PLUS by
PH Pure Health


Description of Stress Reduction E Pendant PLUS

LARGE Size 1.25" x 1.75" 

Environmental Chaos Protection!
Excellent Cell Phone, Wi Fi and EMF Protection!
Be less affected by negative people, moody people and energy draining people and environments!

The latest Stress Reduction Pendant Necklace PLUS gives you very POWERFUL EMF Protection wherever you are! We have tried everything else out there and this E Pendant trumps them ALL!

Are you frustrated trying to function on less energy than God intended. Well finally an effective answer to the artificially depleted and chaotic energies now found all around us.

This slightly bigger pendant is made to handle the excessive EMF energies that are now coming online in countries that are installing 5G technology. While the smaller Stress E Pendant still works great we have added this larger size to be more effective well into the future.

  • Now handles 5G
  • Works with your bodies own energies to help protect and heal.
  • Ultimate Cell Phone and Environmental Chaos protection.
  • Protection from harmful energy coming from electronics.
  • Protection from Smart anything.
  • Protection from physical drain due to our negative thoughts. 
  • Protection from cell phone and satellite radiation.
  • Can be used to energize consumables.

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