E Crystal (Round Silicon Clear) (ECRYSTAL)

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E Crystal (Round Silicon Clear) by
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Description of E Crystal (Round Silicon Clear)

This little E Crystal often seems like a miracle.

Stronger and more effective than ever!

It is now used primarily in refrigerators to add energy to foods, make them taste better and last much longer (I have observed 2-5 weeks instead of 2-5 days). Also worn in the pocket or bra for chaos protection. Energize your bath water! Many more uses.

Powerful, Practical and Effective! More value than either the excellent Bio Electric Shield or the highly regarded Q-Link. Plus, much more ENERGY! All at half the price! The E Crystal Environmental Chaos Eliminator has already become HUGELY successful!

So Many Uses:
  • Prevents computer fatigue.
  • Prevents cell phone hot heads.
  • In the pocket protects your whole body.
  • In the refrigerator energizes all your food and food keeps 2 - 5 weeks instead of 2 - 5 days!
  • On the TV or any other appliance protects you from possible contaminating energies.
  • Placed on your nightstand becomes and excellent sleep aid.
  • Very helpful for sick pets or for their general protection too.
  • ADD and ADHD family members respond very well to the E Crystal.
  • Place in the delicates laundry bag for an exceptional wash using half the detergent. The waste water is positive for the environment too.
  • Place in a hot tub and turn the water into a stress relieving energy wonder spa. Wonderful for kids and adults.

The E Crystal has a field about six feet in diameter, with a stronger inner three foot diameter field. Placing the E Crystal directly on an appliance protects any who may come near. Placing the E Crystal in your pocket offers round the clock personal environmental protection. A shirt pocket is recommended if extended cell phone use is common, although you may place the E Crystal in the pants pocket instead with excellent results. The Bovis level, or bio-photon activating potential, of the flexoelectric E Technology is close to 3.3 million.

You may choose to take your E Crystal to your jeweler and have a pin or necklace made to your design for an attractive way to utilize your crystal under virtually any circumstance.

The E Crystal can last forever and never has to be recharged. Also it does not interfere with the operation of any wireles or electrical devices.

Try it and see for yourself!

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How to Use:

Place centrally in your standard sized refrigerator and another in your pantry.  It will help your protect nearly all your foods and will increase the shelf life of yoru foods.