The pH Pure™ Mission & Natural Health Principles

The mission of The pH Pure Health Company is to give individuals some powerful resources towards achieving an optimal state of health and well being. We applaud all people who seek to become more aware, to know more so they can make key decisions about their health.

In very simple terms we at PH Pure Health subscribe to a very simple rationale that we have found to be extremely helpful in improving and maintaining health and wellness for a wide range of people.

If you LIMIT your intake and exposure to all things that increase acid buildup in the body and increase your intake and exposure to all things that help your body be more alkaline, your body will fight off almost anything and you will be disease free and healthy.

Things that can cause Acidity in the body include the following:
Acid forming foods and beverages, anger, stress, prescription and non-prescription drugs, toxins in non-organic foods, toxins in the air, toxins in unfiltered drinking water, toxins in unfiltered shower water, all electromagnetic energy from man-made appliances and so on...

Things that help raise the pH of the body towards Alkaline balance a state called Homeostasis include the following:
Alkaline forming foods and beverages (organic is best), love and kindness, meditation, prayer, joy, wearing some form of electromagnetic protection and chaos elimination device, spending time in 'nature', walking, drinking an appropriate amount of 'healthy' water daily and so on...

I suggest starting with Water. We are water beings after all. See our Water section for more information.

Secondly, Energy is a most underutilized resource for supporting Health. In our Energy section you will find Energy Technologies that are based on well founded science. These exciting products have shown us that they are capable of providing very powerful support for a wide range of health issues. Some provide exceptional EMF protection from the many man-made electronic devices (cell-phones, TVs, computers, microwaves, cars, airplanes, high voltage cables...). Some also support restoration of your natural healthy self and recovery from illness.

Also seek out Healthcare Providers who understand energy, healing and preventative healthcare. There is a whole world of healthy possibilities there.

The best way to provide the body with the nutrients it needs should come from the food we eat. Unfortunately today our food supply is for the most part of a poor nutrient value making organic food virtually the only alternative. However even organic food cannot make up the nutritional gap and for various reasons still not the complete answer. Therefore some nutritional supplementation is essential to overall health. At PH Pure Health we continue to investigate very high quality nutritional supplements inline with our philosophy. See our Nutrition section for more information.

Happily there is a wonderful awakening spreading globally towards natural health consciousness. More and more people are beginning to understand more and share more about being 'healthy'.

We, at PH Pure Health look forward to providing you with information, products and tools in support of your health. We hope that you achieve your goals for better health no matter what challenges you may be facing at this time.

If you have any questions, require more information regarding any of our products or services, or have any suggestions please contact us directly by email or by phone.

It is our hope that PH Pure Health makes a positive contribution to the general thinking on natural health and well being.

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For Your Health,

Ivan D. Kier